Buzz AR Wayfinder


Project Name: Buzz AR Wayfinder

Company Name: Buzz ARVR Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Project status: Buzz AR Wayfinder is committed to digitizing places and faces to provide support for experiential e-commerce/social commerce.

Through its proprietary AR technology, it transforms how we eat, shop, play and live. Buzz AR is working with multiple multinational Fortune 500 companies to accelerate 5G+AR and serve millions of users.

During the epidemic, the Happy Series provides interesting and immersive AI+AR experiences, allowing people to feel more fun in life.

On March 5, 2021, it has signed an agreement with the China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation Center to establish the launchpad for overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship. Landing in Nanning will promote indoor navigation and virtual reality products/services to the Chinese market.