The 1st (2021) China-ASEAN Impact Startup Challenge

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The 1st (2021) China-ASEAN Impact Startup Challenge is hosted by Singapore University of Social Science and co-organized by Nanning Municipal Development & Reform CommissionNanning Municipal Foreign Affair Office and CloudBae Company. The programme aims to provide opportunities for Chinese students to exchange and cooperate with ASEAN students, so as to fully stimulate their entrepreneurial potentials. It attached 150 students participating from 10 cities within China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.


The 1st China-ASEAN Impact Startup Challenge is a six-day programme and hold from January 18 to January 23, 2021. Nine students from two universities, Guangxi University for Nationalities and Nanning Normal University, discussed and exchanged ideas with entrepreneurship coaches and ASEAN Students online and held a final roadshow on the Jan 23rd.  Nanning students feedbacked that they had gained lots of experiences in team works with partners from different backgrounds and cultures and explored the market opportunities of ASEAN countries and cultivate international thinking.